At the age of 7, Monty released a book and became the UK's youngest bestselling author.

At the age of 11, he found himself on stage as an official panel speaker on Cyber Safety at BETT Futures in Excel exhibition centre, London, speaking to a room full of thousands of people. The same year he was offered his own TV show through Amazon Prime.

At the age of 14, Monty entered the Guinness World Record books as a world memory champion, studying the openings of 500 works of literature and recalling 129 consecutively from their opening sentence.

2 months later, Monty became a double Guinness World Record holder after also achieving the record for the Fastest Time to Identify 10 Books by Their Main Character, almost halving the time of the previous record holder.

He's a full member of the World Memory Club and inducted as a member of the International Association of Memory.

Monty spent 5 months conducting extensive research into a specialised area of psychology, trying to prove the hypothesis that using technology late at night affects the circadian rhythms of adolescents. As part of this research, he took a semester long course in foundational psychology from the prestigious University of Yale and passed with 100%. He also undertook a program on Qualitative Research Methods from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).
His research study thesis, in excess of 55,000 words, received a CREST (British Science Association) Gold Award and was described by one university professor as sitting between a Masters thesis & a postdoctorate and by another as "exemplary" and "...better quality than some of the university level reports i mark."  Monty decided to take this research further by turning it into a Citizen Science Project to allow people all around the world to engage with it. The project, called 'iTech Explorers' is now active and supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal No.3 (Ensuring healthy lives & promoting well-being for all, at all ages). It's been listed with both SciStarter and the European Citizen Science Association (ECSA).

In his spare time, Monty volunteers in various groups around Greater Manchester and Bolton and acts as an Ambassador Research Champion for the National Institute for Health Research. He also acts as a Citizen Researcher for the CAMHS.Digital Children & Young People's Digital Research Advisory Group and a member of the VoiceUp Clinical Research Advisory Group. With a caring disposition, Monty slipped easily into the role when appointed as an Anti-bullying ambassador.

Monty's various projects have seen him promoting and heightening students’ awareness of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and addressing modern-day issues on the UNICEF Voices of Youth Contributor Team.

He's also a member of the Reader Panel at The Guardian newspaper and an official TED-Ed educator.

Despite his achievements and appearances on BBC News, ITV news, BBC radio, the World Service and being featured in several notable newspapers, Monty's still a very well-grounded person and still does all the ordinary things you'd expect of a person his age. Hobbies include TaeKwon-Do (achieved black belt), football (played for Bolton County), computer gaming and working out at the gym. He has a keen interest in forensic and experimental psychology, politics, history and archaeology.

TEDxHorwich 2020 Topic

[Anyone Can Be a Memory Expert. I'm Going To Show You How]

Memory isn't predicated on a person's level of intelligence. It's something quite separate and unique for each individual.

Monty spent a long time researching memory and looking into different methods and techniques for perfecting both memory retention and memory recall. What he quickly discovered was that the brain is just like any muscle and in the same way that you can increase your muscular strength by regularly working out at the gym, you can stimulate and grow your memory by performing quick daily exercises.

Monty’s going to reveal some of the secrets he’s learned along the way, to uncover your own memory strengths and in the space of just a few minutes he'll teach a simple technique that anyone can use.