Lianne is the sort of person who loves things most people hate. Numbers, detail, organisation and tech. She loves nothing more than to roll up her sleeves and dive into the chaos and get everything working as it should.

She helps high energy entrepreneurs bring in the systems and structure needed to get the most out of themselves, their team and their business so they can scale their business without losing their sanity. You can find her at

TEDxHorwich 2020 Topic

[How Tech Can Scale Impact Without Sacrificing Integrity]

We can now do more than has ever been possible in the history of man. The potential to connect, trade and engage with countless people around the world has unlocked a world of opportunity for those with an entrepreneurial edge - particularly those without the "silver spoon" advantage - to multiply their impact with the power of technology.

There is however a darker side to social media, automation and online marketing.

In this talk, Lianne-Carla Savage explores the dark and light sides of the future of marketing and how we can create a powerful impact without sacrificing the human element.