At the age of 22yrs, Fabian founded and chaired MENSA’s Geopolitical Intelligence Special Interest Group and had a variety of jobs before becoming an author, musician, publicist and managing director of an independent TV production company.

Fabian has a background in the British military and amassed experience in law enforcement spanning 2 police forces. As a detective and a member of the Counter Terrorist Unit he investigated murders, human traffickers, live kidnappings, terrorists, robberies and shootings. Fabian has worked on some of the UK's highest profile national security investigations and even advised the U.K. government over the regulation of the private security industry.

Whilst working on the News of The World Phone Hacking investigation for a well-known client, Fabian also authored a book related to Social Media intelligence which became a No.1 Amazon bestseller in 2011.

Following on from these experiences, he chose to come out from behind the camera as an accredited investigative journalist to take centre stage on screen in a new Amazon Prime TV series, Surveillance Secrets and a regular host of the forthcoming Amazon Prime show, Get Success.

A full time member of the Royal Television Society, the British Film Institute and the American Film Institute, in his spare time, he’s taken his pilot’s licence & enjoyed flying light aircraft, school governorship, genealogy, heraldry, family activities and running up and down hills carrying lots of weights.

TEDxHorwich 2020 Topic

[The Fastest Way to Boost Any Brand - The Fame Formula]

After years of trial and error with countless branding and marketing campaigns across multiple industries there’s been a consistent winner across them all and you’re about to discover it.

Imagine a single formula used correctly that allows any brand to acquire instant credibility, market influence and value perception.

In his TEDx talk, Fabian will be sharing what this simple 3 step formula is, why it works so effectively every time and how to use it to instantly position your brand as an authority.