Darryl is a rehabilitated ex-violent offender, who lived on the wrong side of the law for over twenty-five years. Throughout this time, he was incarcerated in excess of 12 years whilst also being the survivor of several assassination attempts, due to being a fully-fledged perpetrator of extreme violence.

Despite all of this, Darryl managed to turn his life around, proving that change is always possible, as long as the individual has the will to change. If he can change, so can you!

TEDxHorwich 2020 Topic

[If I Can Change So Can The Game]

To date, Darryl has worked with over 1,900,000 CYP’s, educating those on the consequences of crime. Considering the change he has made for himself and society, Darryl will be speaking about the two completely different lives that he lived due to being a ‘Game Changer.’

The domestic abuse, the trauma and more importantly, his own decisions that led to him being known as one of Britain’s most dangerous individuals….and then the transformation to a rehabilitated offender who has had a positive influence on society.