From one time punk rock singer to ordained fundamentalist minister of over two decades to modern day observer, philosopher and thinker.

Provocatist, antagonist, revelationist, philosophist, optimist and humanist are just a handful of ways to describe the non-conformist writer Alan Forrest Smith

His philosophical writings on life is perfectly reflected on his 12-year old blog and in one of his books, Escape from Zoomanity. Alan believes that the human being is locked into Zoomanity. Zoomanity is his take on the human way - the zooman way, trappings and pressure of turning human beings into zoo-man beings.

He also believes you can escape and become human again.

TEDxHorwich 2020 Topic

[Identity Colonisation]

Is the human race being colonised? If so by who and how? This leaves an even bigger question - Have you been colonised? An interesting search for an interesting answer on the colonisation of the human.

Non-conformist author, writer and modern day philosopher Alan Forrest Smith peels back the layers from humanity and questions everything to be questioned in modern day life.

This talk proves to be a dig below the surface and delivers a powerful idea that the identity of most of mankind is currently under colonisation.